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All Products Meet Health Department Requirements and FLAME RETARDANT NFPA701, CPAI84 and CA Fire Marshal Fire Certification.

Looking to purchase your first set of canopy sidewalls for your food vendor tent or food concession booth, or perhaps a replacement option? We have a wide variety of sizes, colors and materials to help make shopping easy.

These Food Vendor Tent Sidewalls block the wind on chilly days and provide shade when the sun is low on the horizon. Sidewall options include: Solid Color Fabric, Full Mesh, Half Mesh / Fabric, Full Clear Panoramic and of course complete food tent service wall sets. Canopy Sidewalls are fabricated with universal hanging options and side zippers for complete enclosure.

In addition to our own brand, our sidewalls will fit Most Straight Legged Canopy Structures (NOT GUARANTEED).

Do not try to match these walls with walls from other manufacturers. The zippers will not line up and the walls could be different heights.